A dangerous Man with an APN one Night in Airport

Why this title?
this is the story of a photographer who took photos (logical) night on a airport.
Yes but here, it was next to a fire station and firefighters intrigued, have called the police, because it’s abnormal in France to take pic at night on an airport, plus it’s illégual requires an authorization that the photographer had not.
Thank you firefighters of this airport for their extreme vigilance against terrorist threats 🙂

The extremly dangerous pics 🙂


7 réflexions sur “A dangerous Man with an APN one Night in Airport

  1. Ah contente de savoir que le photographe n’a pas été embarqué .
    Pres d’une centrale nucléaire aussi il vaut mieux ne pas trop s’amuser à prendre des photos , j’ai testé .
    Bon dimanche .


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